Every so often revamp wardeccing discussions bust out. People post ideas, some good, some pants on head crazy. People throw epithets, some amusing, some banal. Eventually attention is diverted elsewhere, a year or so passes and the process repeats. Back in November of 2014, Sugar Kyle did an unusually good three part series on wardeccing chock full of superb thought & good comments. I encourage you to have a look/see. It’s worth the effort:
War Decs: An Incomplete Triangle
War Decs: I’m Sorry That I Hurt You…
War Decs: Feet of Clay

Below, you’ll find one of my (very lightly edited) comments from that series. I repost it here because 1) wardeccing discussions all too rarely include input from actual wardeccing mercenaries meaning 2) concrete, epithet free, here’s the actual facts information all too rarely comes to light and 3) a year on not much has changed.

>>>A Hi-Sec Mercenary’s Perspective<<<

Though I’m no longer a member of the hi-sec wardeccing alliance The Marmite Collective, I was for quite some time and departed on excellent terms. Accordingly, while I can’t speak for Marmites, I doubt they’ll dispute what I relate.

1) Mercenaries are a blood thirsty group. (If they weren’t blood thirsty, they wouldn’t be mercenaries.)

2) If you’re to run a successful mercenary operation you must find a way to feed your ravenous group an unending supply of tasty prey.

3) Standup contracts where you’re hired to settle a dispute for a client aren’t uncommon but in isolation they rarely supply enough prey to satisfy your hungry pride of predators.

4) Accordingly you end up declaring war on large entities like the Goons, RvB and/or Brave Collective to increase the prey count.

5) This is expensive meaning that to keep the war coffers filled you must locate additional sources of revenue.

6) Being wardeccers by trade, one easy source of revenue is wardeccing numerous, smaller parties neither you nor any anyone else has a dispute with but – of course – allowing them to no harm/no foul surrender for a reasonable fee. Not only does this fill the coffers when they pay up, it increases the prey count when they don’t. Win/Win all around from the mercenary perspective.

Unless changes *vastly* increase the ‘legitimate’ prey count, mercenaries will end up running a robust protection racket just to keep the profession afloat. Current mercenaries are, of course, comfortable with ‘wardec extortion’ or they wouldn’t be mercenaries. That said, from outside the profession it certainly appears that merceneries are little but a no e-honor bunch of griefers. While there’s some truth to the accusation, it’s also a result of the current game environment’s limited possibilities.