Another comment originally tacked on to a different blog which I reprise here to save at a searchable location.  While not particularly ground shattering, this July 2011 remark still captures a wistful feeling that, even today, I cannot escape.


The eyes behind the Dire grow misty.

Ahhh, my first PvP engagement. T’was long ago and not on this character. I’d taken my noobish Meta 4 ‘Scout’ Artillery fit Thrasher out to low sec for a little rat stomping. It paid surprisingly well and I went unnoticed for several days. When Ozkar (my pirate) found me he brought his Amarr Crusader in fast and tight and proceeded to dispatch me without breaking a sweat. Post engagement, once I got my head screwed back on straight, I chatted him up via private convo. Cheery fellow and absolutely delighted to discover he’d grasped the honor to pop my PvP cherry. I kept track of him for quite a while but alas he went inactive. I miss him. Knowing we wandered the same universe filled me with the happys.