If you’re a Hi-sec/Low-sec small item manufacturer (rigs) you’ll need a general purpose transport ship. Blockade Runners do a fine job:
1) Ample if not extraordinary cargo hold
2) Fast as hell
3) Cargo Scanner immunity
4) Covert Ops Cloaking Device

I settled on the Minmatar Prowler. Other offerings may be as good but the Prowler has suited me well. Here’s the basic version:

It is a cargo boat, bloat that hold. Tech II Optimizers might make sense but I’m a cheapskate so I don’t bother.

No sense bloating more than necessary, go for nanofiber induced agility/speed. Should things start feeling a little tight, pack along expanders and switch out as needed. The full bloat end result is nothing to scoff at:
Expanded Cargohold

Like all Industrials, if you’re pointed you’re dead. Accordingly, I plan towards surviving a Hi-sec suicide alpha and no more. Two Medium Shield Extender IIs tend to enable that.  If you’re flying wise they won’t get a second shot. Since both the rigs and the lows hamper armor & structure, shield tanking makes a lot of sense. I suppose there are better than tech II shield extenders available but remember, while your cargo hold cannot be scanned, your ship can. I prefer to look unprofitable. As you never know when you’re going to drop out of warp annoyingly distant from a gate or station, the afterburner can zip you over that annoyance quicker.

Glorious Covert Ops Cloaking Device II. The only thing that beats ample and fast as hell is ample, fast as hell *and* invisible. I drop a Salvager II in the other slot since you always want to be prepared to filch shiny stuff while cavorting about. Salvage first, then loot. Why? With no wreck remaining, filching the loot leaves nothing around meaning you don’t have to ponderously warp away to safety. Instead, just cloak. Nobody interacts with invisible flashy yellow suspects.

1) Unscannable cargo hold makes one bold. Soon you’ll be shuffling around a billion plus in the belly without batting an eye.
2) Always cloak. You might have over a billion in the hold. Commit cloaking to habit.
3) Since you’re always cloaked, even terrible drops out of warp aren’t too awful. You’ll start moving to the gate/station cloaked up until 2000 meters. When cloak drops, tap the afterburner. That last little bit gets covered comfortingly quick. Well placed bookmarks remain best practice (especially station exit insta-warps) but I’m less maniacal about them than I used to be.