Settled course of action can be found here:  Mind Slicing?

Initial steps, numbers and conversation:

I expend $20 real life topping off 13,700 in old, free Aurum to purchase 20 extractors and deliver them to the industrial alt.

The industrial alt, having planned ahead a few weeks, has already completed her few final “I’ll be keeping these” skill trains, remapped to her optimal long train and begun accruing points for harvest.

Day one is a bit hectic both real life and in game so we wait until day two before sending her under the psychic knife.

The industrial alt first clips 37,567 in unwanted skills which works out to 13.9 hours of 2700 pt/hr optimized training time. Worth the effort if you’re already there but nothing to overturn the apple cart for.

The long train, having just dropped into the queue, lacks enough points to reach 500,000. I consider waiting but she is impatient.

“We could dip into Minmatar Freighter V,” she suggests.

I hmm and hah before agreeing, “There’s no immediate plan to put you back in a freighter. Slice away.”

One injector created.

“We could dip into Minmatar Freighter IV,” she continues. “Another 500,000 still leaves me at IV and the market’s plenty hot at the moment.”

“Second dip leaves us at about 15 days of lost skill reclamation. I’m comfortable with that. Proceed.”

Second injector created.

“Again?” she asks.

“I think not. The plan was to farm, not eviscerate.”

“As you wish. Two injectors on the market.”

“Was it painful?” I ask tentatively.

“No more than remapping and I’ve remapped before. I knew what we were getting into.”

“But you’ve lost memories. That doesn’t trouble you?”

“I haven’t lost memories, I’ve lost skills. You’ve experienced similar. You used to be able to read music and play the cello but that was a long ago childhood. Now you have memories of such talents but the skills themselves are lost to time. It feels something like that.”

“You make it sound so mundane.”

“Merely a matter of perspective. Your ghoulish nightmare is my stock and trade. Oh look, the injectors have already sold. That was a quick 1.37 billion. I owe you a plex. Looks like 1.28 bil. Here you go.”

“So we’re square, you’ve pocketed a quick 80 million and we’ve 8, already paid for extractors to go.”

“It’s a start.”