Not personally troubled by skill point extraction, as the opportunity approached I began to look through the Mains and alts to see if there might be opportunity buried away. Interestingly, for a player of my bent, a lot less was lurking underfoot than one would think. I have six characters spread over two accounts. Two ineligible under five million skill point market alts. One carefully honed suicide alt with barely a superfluous skill to her name. One carefully honed manufacturing alt, again with barely a superfluous skill to her name. A 119 million skill point combat meta proof PvP Main and a 120 million skill point jack of all trades Main. With two characters ineligible, two characters carefully honed and two characters deliberately intended to retain all skill points acquired, I’m not sitting on many painless to liquidate skill point assets.

Perhaps some ongoing brain farming rather than a few quick slash and sells? The ineligible market alts, though pleased at the thought of additional responsibility, would take a lot of time and expensive prep before producing an extractable point. The Mains, as they always have, refuse to relinquish any skills trained. The suicide alt lacks +5 implants and shows no desire to stick something so valuable in her head. But the industrial alt, she’s mastered all the skills she needs, already sports +5 implants and has a remap on hand. We agree to meet for lunch . . .

“What brings you to my table?” she asks.

“I’ve been looking into this new skill extraction/injection technology,” I answer.

“I always knew you loved me for my mind,” she replies knowingly. “Let us dispense with the touchy feely ‘How do you feel about this?’ and get straight to work.  Here’s how things will proceed. We’re going to top off a few final skills I’ve been itching to complete then we’re going to purchase and inject a long train unneeded skill, remap to a +5 boosted optimal 2700 sp/hr, slice out 500,000 thousand of that unneeded long train roughly every eight days, sell the extracted points and pocket the ISK. Will that work for you?”

“Sounds promising. What’s required of me?”

“Oh sweetie, someone has to provide the extractors. That someone would be you. Agreed?”

“I carve up your mind, you carve up my wallet. Seems equitable trade. Agreed.”

“Do be clever dear. I suspect you’ve a goodly quantity of unused Aurum lurking around. Open that real life wallet sparingly.”

“Actually, once the old Aurum purchased extractors are expended, I was hoping you’d one month pilot license extension (plex) me back for every real life twenty I spend on new Aurum.”

“Aren’t you the shrewd one? That too is agreed. And how much free Aurum have we tucked away in the couch cushions?”

“13,700 over two accounts.”

“It’s a start.”