Nearly every time CCP introduces some sort of in game sparkle for real life money (usually via Aurum), a surprising host of players grab their torches and pitchforks to march on the Reykjavík office and chant in righteous indignation, “Blatant Money Grab!”

Such tendency among Eve players puzzles me. Perhaps we’d prefer Discreet Money Grabs? (Crass mercantilism can be so . . . crass.) Perhaps it’s the grabbiness that annoys. (Fending off the wandering paws of unwanted avarous suitors gets so terribly onerous.) Maybe it’s mostly about that middle term, ‘money’. (I’ll get back to you on that.)

Krevnos over on the Eve Forums worries about the starry eyed noobs, “It’s a blatant money grab which CCP developed then tried (poorly) to sell by having their junior employees claim it would help new players. The reality of course is that it will help empty their pockets due to the illusion that EVE greatness is largely based on skill point acquisition.”

Meanwhile Baki Yuku worries about the bitter vets on TheMittani.Com, “Sorry but this IS a money grab by CCP that kind of pricing at the same time they force us to train 4 new rank 16 [Force Auxiliary] skills to keep being able to do that we’ve been able to do before. I’m going with money grab.”

Talvorian Dex nearly works himself into an apoplectic fit on his blog ‘Target Caller’, “There was no acknowledgement of their attempt to screw us, no apology for the blatant money-grab and insulting pricing. They threw us a bone as if we should be happy to have anything from the table.”

Since “Won’t somebody think of the children!” is rarely about the children, I tend to disregard folks like Krevnos. At the same time, grand Illuminati conspiracies ala Baki Yuku never appealed to me. CCP simply isn’t that clever. That leaves only poor apoplectic Tal, who, if you read his post, is very probably the most honest of the bunch.  Cutting to the chase Tal continues, “I’m not saying CCP should charge nothing for skill extractors, skins, or avatar clothing. I’m just saying their policies are directly crowding out people who would otherwise participate by being so damned expensive and being deployed in such an insulting way that belies such bald-faced greed. I know I was directly crowded out of the skill extractor experience, and I’ve been crowded out of the skin experience as well.”

And there you have it folks. ‘Blatant money grab’ equals ‘I can’t afford it.’ It’s no fun when the company behind the game you love throws your lack of affluence in your face. Budgeting real life disposable income can be absolutely humiliating. How dare CCP force us to ponder such decisions?  Where’s my pitchfork!?!?