Apologies dear reader, I’m setting up snarky comment.  I’m horrible like that.

Chapter 1: Shame
Sugar Kyle over at Lowsec Lifestyle will occasionally regale her loyal readers with puppy updates.  Go have a look/see – Intuition is adorable!  As is often the case when blogging, one never knows what people will flip out at and Anonymous in the puppy post comments doesn’t disappoint attempting to not only shame Sugar for cropping her Doberman Pincer’s ears but also proudly pontificate on his great fortunate at living in a country where such butchery is illegal.  Sugar, who will have none of this pompous posturing, replies that not only is cropping legal where she resides but she doesn’t consider the cosmetic procedure butchering.

Chapter 2: Lucky Intuition
As Anonymous attempted to shame Sugar I couldn’t help but think how gentle the price of pet admission into Sugar’s household compared to my own.  To date every female pup residing in my household has been spayed for the simple reason that with no plan to breed, I had the option to snip out dog in heat drama from the get go.  Meanwhile, every male cat in my household got neutered to reduce cat fight drama.  Compared to cropping ears, both procedures are terribly invasive and performed purely for my convenience.  When it comes to butchery however, spay and neuter are the least of my depredations.  I’m no vegetarian.  Beef, pork, lamb, venison, elk, buffalo, turkey, chicken, pheasant, quail, duck, frog, fish, shellfish, snail . . . I’ve consumed them all.  Meat eating, dear reader, requires true, pearl clutching butchery and still I partake.  Enjoy it too.

Chapter 3: Stain less, Self-proclaimed Logician
Unimpressed with Sugar’s shameless response to Anonymous, a fellow named Stain less doubles down with the following, “Female genital mutilation is legal and carried out by doctors in some country s. And I’m sure I would hear a similar justification s from there.”  ::sigh::  A little advice Stain less:  1) If you want to entice someone into considering your position, don’t pick the worst possible comparison you can think of.  Never go full Godwin son.  Don’t even go half Godwin as you have here.  Going Godwin generates automatic dismissal of anything you have to say.  2) Avoid deceptive equivocations like dropping veterinarians and female circumcisers into the same group.  It’s lazy and annoying.  Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian?  (Oh Christ, you just made me go Godwin Stain less, shame on you!)  3)  Remember, when you get snarky, you motivate those around to snark as well.  There’s vast and salient differences between human female genitalia and Doberman Pincer ears.  Women ain’t bitches son.  Learn the difference.  Live it.