Neville Smit uncorked quite the diatribe on his blog the other day: Occupy New Eden.  Go have a look/see – it’s a good read.  Generally speaking, I found no great argument with his Manifesto.  I don’t suspect most Eve players would.  That said, his post left a foul taste in my mouth.

Quoting him:
[T]he specific interests of the 85 percent of EVE players have been neglected for too long. Those of us who dwell in wormholes, in low security space and in Empire are growing weary of being treated as second-class citizens of New Eden.

Hmmm.  I’ve been playing this game since May 2nd, 2009 (happy birthday to me!) and over those seven years I haven’t jumped into Null-sec once.  Nonetheless, I don’t feel neglected.  What’s the matter with me?  Am I duped?  Dimwitted?  Insane?  How alienating.

With apologies Mr. Smit, it appears I lack the requisite weary identity to join your club though I do wish you and yours well in your endeavors.

Feels like being called a Pubbie all over again.  Not even a second-class citizen am I.