Yesterday in Briefcase Full of Diamonds I related a close call story.  In and of itself, the story was nothing special.  Capsuleers face close calls every day and many survive to tell the tale.  Nonetheless, as I was pondering what I had written, I realized something blithely mundane but absolutely extraordinary underfoot.

As chance would have it, the real life niece is on the market for a new house.  As she explains, “I’m looking for a more ‘cosmopolitan’ neighborhood.”  In our neck of the woods that’s code for ‘fewer Mormons.’  Like her, I grew up non-LDS in a high Mormon density neighborhood and it can be isolating so I understand her desire to spare her daughters similar unpleasant experience.  In addition, she’s not a fan of the layout of her current home (infernal split entry) and her career is going well so moving to a location that tickles her soul is robust option.  I made similar move years ago.

In Briefcase Full of Diamonds, my little industrialist also faced daunting goodie two-shoe menace and also decided on relocation to more ‘cosmopolitan’ neighborhood.  How amusing.  Though Eve remains space pixels, I found myself discussing my space dilemma much like the niece discussed her real life dilemma.  When the niece completes her move I wouldn’t be surprised to hear her relate stories of her new neighborhood’s ebb and flow not unlike my industrialist’s musings.  How’s the new house?  Who are the neighbors?  Where are they from?  What’s their vocation?  Eve can be beguiling real.