One of my long time gigs is ‘value added reprocessing’.  Long ago I skilled up to optimal reprocessing, buddied up to the neighborhood NPC corporations via mission grind to eliminate reprocessing tax then started buying ore from the local miners, reprocessing it, selling the minerals at the local hub and pocketing the spread.  At scale, you make reasonable ISK.  Running the space business has become part of my daily life.  On typical mornings I update my buy orders over morning coffee and about once a week I run the collection/reprocessing/hub delivery and sale route.

Citidels have added an interesting wrinkle.  This morning I discovered that the good people of ONA – Mining Science [ONAMS] had set up a Citidel along my route.  Being clever folk, they advertised their wares via Citidel name: Freeport + 52% and 0.5 tax.  Seemed worth checking out:

It’s been years since I took College Algebra and even longer since I took High School Algebra.  If I recall correctly, I once took business math in Jr. High but that’s even further back.  Sooo . . . is 2% more efficient refining at 0.5% tax better than my no tax, 50% refining NPC deal?  I suppose I could calculate it out but years of lazy has taught me to let the client work for me.

NPC’s 100 Veldspar yield is 1870 ISK of Tritanium at 0 expense:

ONA’s 100 Veldspar yield is 1940 ISK of Tritanium at 6.33 ISK expense:

Is 1933.67 more than 1870?  Yes, yes it is.  ONA, you and I, we’re about to conduct some business*.  I’ll keep an eye out for you next time I’m in the neighborhood.

Wait what?  Despite all the ‘sky is falling’ panic leading up to this release, a solish player just profited via mutually beneficial interaction enabled by the introduction of Citidels and the proof was found in a batch or Tritanium Pudding.  ::smug::

*Footnote!  Of course it’s not that simple since I won’t be selling my Trit at 5.83 ISK as the client presumes but rather at 5.76 ISK as the local market offers but even at the lower numbers I’m still ahead.