Dailies are upon us: Recurring Opportunities

Not being a fanatic multi-boxer, when CCP introduced Dual Character training in 2013 I coalesced all my characters onto two accounts.  One account for combat characters and one account for support characters.  Combat characters, unless they’re highly specialized (think suicide gankers), display a voracious skill point appetite.  To be meta-proof, they invariably want to fly all the boats really well.  Accordingly, DireNecessity rarely relinquishes the queue to anybody.  Support accounts, however, can and do top out leaving a superfluous training queue plinking away at unwanted skills.  Skill point trading brought the support character training queue back into relevance.

Support Math:
As I write, the spread between skillpoint extractors and injectors is 370,000,000 ISK at my local hub which works out to 740 ISK per skill point.  Accordingly, on this account initial NPC kills are worth 740 x 10,000 = 7,400,000 ISK.  Depending on how troublesome it proves to locate a rat, that’s not necessarily something to scoff at.  Presuming others are scouring the asteroid belts for their daily fix, the easiest method may be to procure a level 1 security mission and let it hang out there warping in daily for quick rat murder.  I’ll look into this when I get around to it.

Combat Math:
As I write, DireNecessity is accruing permanent skill points at 2250/hr meaning quick rat murder = 4.4 hours of training.  Again, nothing to scoff at but possibly very troublesome unless . . . we can link it up with another project.  On a lark, DireNecessity ran through the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc the other day (been years since I’d done it and never on the DireNecessity character).  Near the end you’re given four different options and I ended up choosing the Amarr path for the faction standing increase.  Dire (with distant history in the Minmatar Militia) and the Amarr don’t much care for each other making rehabilitating relations worthy project.  The quickest way would probably be to run the Amarr Career Agent missions since she is (barely) allowed in Amarr space but that means doing things like manufacturing which, while a big part of my game play, isn’t the sort of thing Dire pursues.  Alternately, Dire could repeat Lvl 1 security missions for an Amarr agent in friendly Minmatar space generating faction story line missions every 16th iteration thereby nursing relations with the Amarr.  Level 1 security missions finish fast, especially when accomplished via Worm.  Couple that ease with 10,000 skill points and gradual Amarr standing improvement and this daily’s looking pretty good.  Dire’s done more than look into this, she’s already gotten around to laying the groundwork.