The hands behind the Dire don’t particularly enjoy real life moneying up ISK.  Accordingly, purchasing a Plex with real life credit card for sale on the market holds no appeal.  Until recently, it remained easy to approach the game with this preference in mind.  Purchasing a subscription provided access to the game and skill queue training only.  ISK, when obtained, was earned via in game labor.  After a few early years feeling around and futzing about I eventually settled on two accounts.  One a combat character account (Dire herself, a suicide ganker, etc . . .), the other a support character account (scout, off grid booster, etc . . .).  With this general division in place the support account grew into the ISK earning account since those characters remained unharried by the limitations of combat focus (like numerous war-decs, -10 security status, etc . . .).  The division of focus worked well until skill point trading.

When first looking into the new mechanic, the combat characters made it abundantly clear they weren’t interested in partaking, “We want to fly all the combat boats extraordinarily well.  If you intend to slice skills out of somebody’s mind, don’t even think of approaching us.”  The support characters, however, saw things differently, “With support skills long since maxed out and no anticipated changes in the ISK generating space business, the skill queue’s needlessly ticking away.  Slice selectively and we’ll make good, no consequence ISK.”  Unable to argue with either group’s logic, I consented to their desires.  The combat account sells no skill points while the support account farms enthusiastically.

Still, it didn’t feel right.  After initial setup, farming skill points doesn’t require much space labor.  Just a few clicks and teeny bit of market tending and the ISK flows in.  At this level of interaction, I just as well credit card up and sell off Plex.  So, after pondering a bit, I handed an ultimatum to the support account, “If you’re going to farm skill points for ISK, I’m not going to pay for your skill queue.”  To my pleasant surprise, things went extraordinarily well.  The combat characters were delighted, “See, I told you!  He supports us with real life money.  We’ve always been his favorites,” while the support characters were highly amused, “Pfffft!  Like plexing our queues is going to put a dent in this ISK generating machine we’ve created.  Next time, challenge us would you?”

Cognitive dissonance be gone!