I have, perhaps, taken far too much pleasure incorporating dailies into my game play.  Curiously, despite putting some thought into the matter, nothing has gone according to plan.  On a lark, I first sent the Jita alt out after a 10,000 skill point rat which, though generating adoringly enjoyable adventure, ended nowhere near expected.  Next, I decided against having one of the industrial characters repeatedly farm a Level 1 Mission for his daily 7,400,000 ISK worth of extractable skill points, not because it was bad idea but rather because conveniently located in the system next door to his home sits permanent rarely touched Contested Minmatar Guerilla Base and hopping over there for quick fix is less troublesome than keeping track of an open Level 1 mission.  Finally, Dire herself, who’d planned to coordinate dailies with nursing Amarr faction standing has ended up leaving the overpowering Worm in station untouched.  Again, not because nursing faction standing via dailies was bad idea, but rather because something else even more promising appeared.

All my characters have a job of some sort or other.  Be it market maven, manufacturer or combat pilot, if a character isn’t actively employed at something both I and the character grow cross with one another.  Recently, for a multitude of reasons including not only game mechanics changes but also support characters (scouts and the like) moving on to other things, my dedicated suicide ganker found herself unemployed.  Being fond of my little ganker, I didn’t threaten her with deletion but I did let her stew in her predicament until she came up with new gig.  And stewing seems to have worked when just a few days ago she approached me with clever idea and a deal was struck requiring 1) about two month’s training time (we plexed it) and 2) rehabilitating her glorious -10 security status up to a barely respectable -2 (we security tagged it which, though not exactly cheap, looked the least troublesome).  Only once the plan was in motion did we discover 60 days training wasn’t going to cut it.  No, we needed 64 days training.  Though we could have skill injected across the limitation, (my little ganker currently sits on over 16 million carefully honed skill points) neither of us were pleased at the prospect of purchasing a 500,000 point injector yet receiving only 400,000 in diminishing returns points for the acquisition.  And that’s when, with sparkle in her eye, she explained, “60 days of training leaves plenty of time for me to daily up the remaining 4 days.”  So we set her up in hard hitting glass cannon Thrasher (‘cause hitting hard is what she does) and every morning over coffee we exit station to single salvo obliterate some poor innocent NPC rat, cackle delightedly as the sorely needed skill point payoff rolls in and then return to station for a final sip of still piping hot coffee before proceeding with the rest of the day.

Eve’s a wondrously unpredictable place.