I’ve noticed a theme developing in several of my posts over the last few months – adapting to irritation and most specifically adapting to the irritation of other players mucking up my pristine very good gigs. I’ve whined about fellow industrialists moving into my neighborhood driving up manufacturing system cost indexes. I’ve whined about idiot manufactures thinking they can ‘win’ a market war by dropping their sell prices below not only where I won’t make good money but they won’t make good money either. I’ve whined about how I’ve adapted to these interlopers by moving my manufacturing to comparatively dangerous low-sec where they were unwilling to follow and by swooping in on the market warriors by buying them out then unloading their underpriced product in Jita.

The thing is, except for the irritation, things are going swimmingly well. I’m pulling in more ISK than ever as each adaptation has proven more profitable than the pre-irritation state. Moving manufacturing to low-sec has consistently enabled the lowest system cost indexes I’ve ever faced. Swooping in to buy out the underpricing competition not only rehabilitates my local hub’s market but also makes me astoundingly competitive in Jita. In addition, swoop, move and sell puts my dormant capital to work since it shuffles that capital from liquid ISK back into profit generating product.

Still, it’s annoying. Though each adaptation is profitable, each adaptation introduces additional complicating wrinkles into the space business. Now I have to run gate camps which, though not difficult, does require paying attention. Now I have to update the Jita’s alt’s product as well which, though not difficult, does take time.

And this gets at a common motif I’ve learned about my gaming tendencies – slowly, almost imperceptibly, taking on more and more responsibility until one day, exasperatingly overwhelmed I discover the game has taken over far too much of my life. The good news is I’ve long since learned about this tendency meaning nowadays I can identify the creep building up before torching into burnout. Accordingly, I see a simplifying reset approaching. It won’t be my first reset nor will it be my last. Exactly where I land post reset is not yet clear but that detail matters not at this point. What matters at this point is halting the creeps before they get any closer.