It didn’t take long post Citadel for a Fortizar offering 0% broker fees* to appear in my little industrialist’s preferred minor trade hub.  Being an ardent penny pincher, she quickly flagged me down to add Visibility and its prerequisite Procurement IV to her training queue enabling her to take advantage of the offshoring opportunity**.  When I pointed out this would not only interfere with her skill point farming schedule but also do so in terribly inefficient manner as she isn’t anywhere near specced to acquire trading skills she responded irritably, “You’re telling me?  Long term interests require we endure this hijack for a few days.  We’ll get the queue back to earning ISK soon enough.  Now get on it man.”

Mindful that she knows more about space business than I, we logged in to update her queue thinking how different our perspective from a few months ago.  With the introduction of skill trading, the queue, at least for those that farm it, has switched from obstacle endured to resource exploited.  My little industrialist cherishes her queue like she never has before.  This is a good thing.


*Cool, a footnote!  Pedantically speaking, no one can offer absolute 0% broker fees since the minimum 100 ISK fee always applies.

**And a 2nd footnote!  Unlike NPC stations, ranged buy orders originating from Citadels require Visibility even if you’re sitting in the Citadel when placing the order.