Hek Structures as of 9/1/16:

Boundless Creation’s NPC station remains the long established trade hub.

Custard Cowboy’s Fortizar made a multiple month play at becoming the new hub via low broker fees.  I happily offshored raw material buy orders and occasionally sold big ticket items like Skill Injectors with them until (as their structure name now shows), they got entangled in a war and lost a couple of timers thereby offlining all their services and pulling them off the market.

A few days ago Kant Robitics and Stonehenge Holdings appeared in system to tussle over the offshoring spot abandoned by Custard Cowboys.

ThejewBabyMafia (whose name displeases), is inconsequential to me since their unrigged tax free refining provides nothing I can’t already obtain at NPC stations I’ve long since buddied up to via mission grind.  I conduct no business with them.

Missing is the Citadel that provided Tech II rigged 54% refining (I’ve already forgotten their name) whose services I enthusiastic partook of while they lasted.  Accordingly these days I’m back to patronizing ONA Mining Science (see Pudding Proof) one jump away in Nakugard.

Given such Capsuleer instability, Boundless Creation’s NPC leaders most likely remain confident that their premium priced services will remain desirable for quite some time.  Dependability: it’s a selling point.