Last week in Living Dynamic I related that Kant Robotics and Stonehenge Holdings had both dropped Fortizars in Hek to tussle over the offshoring opportunity abandoned by Custard Cowboys.  This week the picture looks entirely different:hekstructuresNot only is Custard Cowboys gone, new comers Kant Robotics and Stonehenge Holdings have disappeared as well leaving new, new comer Trlsect in complete control of Hek’s offshoring business.  (ThejewBabyMafia, whose name still displeases, offers only Astrahus recycling meaning they’re not in the offshoring competition.)

With my willingness to offshore and the extreme instability of player structures, sooner or later I was going to get dinged.  Sooner or later has arrived:


That’s annoying.  Last week I’d offshored raw material purchases through Stonehenge Holdings and now some of that material is locked away in Stonehenge’s no longer public unanchoring Fortizar.  To Asset Safety I go:


So somewhere between five and twenty days depending on my actions, I’ll regain access to my offshore purchased raw materials.  I’ll probably forward the items to Boundless Creation.  I wonder how smug Boundless Creation’s NPC docking personnel will be when I drop by to reclaim my lost stuff.

Dependability: it’s a selling point.