With apologies . . . I’m still processing.



This orange hood belonged to the Texas Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon (represented on the robe by the letters “G” and “D”), the highest-ranking KKK official in Texas.

(Picture complements of Bullock Museum in Austin, Texas)






This orange hood belongs to my President Elect, Donald Trump.

(Picture complements of David Becker/Getty Images)






A Trump supporter at a rally in New Orleans in March.

(Picture complements of Edmund D. Fountain, The New York Times)



Importantly, President Elect Donald Trump likely isn’t a member of the KKK and his campaign did refuse the support of the KKK’s official newspaper.  Even The Donald isn’t that impolitic.

What fries my ass isn’t that I have to invite a loathsome orange hooded man into my living room for at least the next four years (though that’s a bitter pill to swallow), no, what fries my ass is that for the majority of voters that mattered, The Donald’s KKK approved bigotry wasn’t disqualifying.  I thought we were better than this.  I thought we were slightly more Martin Luther King than Ku Klux Klan.  I was mistaken.

And now, because you’re here for CasualEveing, not personal laments, I’ll cease further soap-boxing.  My next happy happy, joy joy EVE essay is already in Crossing Zebras’ editorial hopper.  When published, I’ll link from this blog.