I, of course, created an Alpha and ran him through the Inception tutorial which I thought decent though it was a challenge avoiding game knowledge not yet taught (like targeting through the overview).  Once the Inception tutorial was complete, new Aura (whose voice I’m getting used to) sent me off to the old Career Agents.  As I’ve run through the Career Agents multiple times recently repairing standings for long established Omegas I saw no need to drag my little Alpha through the process so I imported my main’s overview settings, flew him close to the rest of the family, parked him in a school station enabling easy access to skill books, tossed him some ISK and put him to work training at half speed as Alphas do.  There he’ll sit at no cost to me training away until I decide what further to do with him.  No doubt, something will pop up – he really is a cutie.

In the meantime he has an Alpha’s 24 hour training queue bringing back nostalgic memories of plunking a number of short trains not quite adding up to 24 hours in front of a long train (5 days or so) to prevent lapses should my attention get otherwise directed over the next 24 hours.  Ahhh, the good old days.